The Streetletes® Story
Wherein a Father and Son’s passion for sports turns into a partnership…

David Gehlen, a 3-sport high school athlete currently majoring in graphic design and minoring in apparel design, came up with the name “streetletes”, which for him represented both a personal philosophy of sports participation and a cool name for a t-shirt company he wanted to work on in college.

Steve Gehlen, David’s father and a Digital Marketing & eCommerce executive (formerly with Nike and Icebreaker Clothing), recognized the potential for a sportswear brand focused on fostering a community of people who play sports for the pure fun,  joy, and camaraderie of it like David does, where the journey is just as important as the destination.

David on track - 2015
David - future streetlete

David and Steve started working on developing the brand in their spare time and the process of working together has been more rewarding than either could’ve imagined.

We believe in the power of sport to bring people together and create a special bond between the participants.  But we also believe that the term “athlete” has been co-opted in a negative way, primarily associated in the media with money, scandal and winning at all costs.  We believe this has had an adverse affect on what it means to participate in sports, especially for our youth.

As a response, Streetletes will foster a community of positivity around sports participation and provide products that serve that community based on their feedback.

We are Streetletes and we are here for the play of it.

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