About Streetletes


Our Mission & Vision

Streetletes exists to explore the power of play -- FOR THE PLAY OF IT

We define play is an expression of creative freedom which seeks truth and produces belonging.

We envision a world where play is prioritized and accessible to all.

Streetletes first launched in November 2016 with the goal of creating a diverse community of young athletes who play for the pure fun and love of sports. Together, we strive to improve the sports experience and well-being of young athletes by exploring the power of play through stories, products, and grassroots collaborations.

"Thank you to all the Streetletes who have been here since the beginning, and welcome to everyone new to the community. While this is personal passion project of mine, it would not be possible without your enthusiastic support and dedication to the brand. There are great new things on the horizon as I continue to unveil the full extent and purpose of Streetletes in 2021."

-- David Gehlen, Co-founder & Designer